IntraWorks Inc began as Albuquerque Safe & Alarm over 60 years ago providing safes, vaults, and financial security equipment
to a large variety of companies in the Southwestern United States. Our ancestry has given a us a solid foundation in providing
superior products and services to the most discriminating clients. Today, IntraWorks has emerged as one of the nation’s top
leaders* in integrated systems technologies. We offer effective, affordable and easy-to-use solutions to a wide range of
businesses, government entities, institutions, and homes.

* IntraWorks has been ranked in SDM magazine as a SDM 100 integrator for the past 15 years.

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IntraWorks, Albuquerque Security Systems

IntraWorks has dedicated teams in Albuquerque, NM with expertise and experience in a complete array of industries and applications. We have organized our product and service teams into three separate but interconnected divisions. In each of these divisions, our technical staff has thorough knowledge of the most advanced technologies in energy, security and safety systems. Nobody knows more about the integration of these systems for maximum performance, capability and cost savings. Regardless of your needs, an IntraWorks energy, security or safety expert can guide you through the possibilities, from simple, discrete, single-function products and services, to cross-functional smart building systems.

IntraWorks currently provides products and services in 12 states.

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Albuquerque NM Products
Video Surveillance & Storage Pelco, Bosch, Avigilon, Lenel, Exacq, Hikvision, Samsung.
Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) Systems otherwise known as Video Surveillance Systems can save a government organization or private enterprise countless dollars in protecting against both theft and litigation due to injuries.
Intrusion Alarm & Robbery Detection DMP, Bosch, Honeywell, Paycom.
Intrusion alarm systems otherwise known as Burglar Alarm Systems are the first line of defense against theft and robbery. These systems work 24 hours per day to alert operators, maintenance personnel, and building managers of alarm, robbery or burglary events.
Access Control Lenel, DSX, Facility Commander, Schneider Electric AccessXpert, Andover, Maxxess, Casi-Rusco, Picture Perfect, Secure Perfect.
Card access control and asset tracking keep your employees, customers, and assets in the right places at the right times. Our access control systems can integrate with Building Automation, video surveillance, intrusion alarm, fire alarm, notification systems and much more.
Lockdown & Gunshot Detection Lenel, Shooter Detection Systems, Louroe Electronics, Schneider Electric, Andover Continuum.
Lockdown Systems are a solution function of Access Control Systems and are also known as active shooter systems, child protection systems, or workplace violence systems. They typically lock down exterior doors and alert people of danger.
Fire Detection/Life Safety/Evacuation Edwards Signaling Technologies (EST), Fire-Lite, System Sensor, Silent Knight.
Fire Alarm and Evacuation Systems otherwise known as Fire Alarm Systems are the first line of defense against the devastating effects of a fire. These systems work 24 hours per day to alert building occupants of fire danger and assist in their orderly and safe evacuation.
Climate Control Systems Schneider Electric, StruxureWare, Andover Continuum.
Properly controlling your thermostats for heaters, airconditioners, and freezers can save money and the environment. Our climate control systems can utilze cloud-based analytics to detect HVAC inefficiencies and help to save up to 28% in energy costs.
Mass Notification Ascom, Edwards Signaling Technologies (EST), Valcom, Bogen.
Mass Notification Systems, Paging, and Public address systems warn building or area occupants of dangerous situations ranging from fire to an active shooter situation. Outdoor and indoor speaker arrays, dynamic signage, text messaging, social media, and email are utilized to communicate important information that could save lives.
Nurse Call Ascom, Dukane, Myco.
Advanced Nurse Call, supervised paging communication and radio systems that can automate hospital room turns and nurse check in processes, provide emergency notification, and provide reporting for joint commission reporting.
Voice Data Infrastructure, Mesh Networks Corning, Panduit, Cisco, Belden.
Voice/Data Infrastructure is a critical system that affects the operation of any enterprise at the highest level. Our systems are top quality and are organized in a way that allows for easy expansion and fast repair.
Critical Systems, PLC, SCATA, DATA Bosch, DMP, StruxureWare, WaterCop, Lenel.
Our systems work 24 hours per day to alert you on your mobile devices and through our 24-hour monitoring center. Inventory, assets, and critical operations can be saved, as well as business reputations, by providing instant notification to maintenance personnel and authorities when appropriate.
Lighting Control & Management StruxureWare, Schneider Electric, Andover Continuum, Lutron.
If you are not effectively managing your lighting, you are wasting energy, as well as money. With lighting control systems from IntraWorks, you can save energy by turning lights on or off, as well as controlling motorized shades and skylights based on ambient light conditions, time of day, and occupancy.
Energy Management StruxureWare, Schneider Electric, Andover Continuum.
Advanced energy management systems that monitor the supply and use of energy resources, allowing the building managers to save through trends, reports, and advanced building analytics. Other functions include solar power collection and distribution, backup generators, and geothermal heating/cooling.
Utility Sub-metering Schneider Electric, StruxureWare.
SubMetering Systems measure consumption used by an area, structure, or tenant. Submetering monitors the supply and use of resources, including water, natural gas, and electricity allowing the building managers to save by making individual tenants more accountable.
Emergency Operations & Command Center Schneider Electric, MDI, Lenel, StruxureWare.
Conceptualization, design, installation, and service of Command and Control Centers also known as Situation rooms, Emergency Dispatch centers, Emergency response centers, Emergency operations centers, surveillance rooms, alarm monitoring centers, or control rooms.
ATM / Financial Institution Diebold, American Vault.
Our advanced ATMs automate deposits and provide added security for cash withdrawals. Our complete line of financial equipment including vaults, safe deposit boxes, drive up equipment, bullet resistant glass, under counter steel, and more provide an integrated solution to banks and credit unions.

Albuquerque NM Services
System Assessments, Code Compliance studies, Vulnerability Assessment, Emergency Response Plans, System Installation, Smart Service, Extended Warranty, Maintenance, Testing, Monitoring, Joint Commission Compliance testing and certification.


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