Service is only as good as the service team that provides it. Intraworks has rated as one of the top 100 best integrators in the United States 15 years running** Our service teams have decades of experience and are trained 2 – 3 weeks per year on the latest installation and service methods. We can diagnose, fix or replace any non-functioning component quickly and correctly. We understand your residential structures and homes. We employ only the highest quality, guaranteed manufacturer authentic and conforming devices and software and utilize ISO 9001 installation and service methods giving you reliability you can count on.


IntraWorks is not merely a supplier of hardware and software. It is a problem-solving organization with design, construction, and service expertise in ALL types of electronic systems. When you meet with us, we will ASSESS YOUR REQUIREMENTS and design systems that not only meet your needs, but exceed them in terms of function, time, and budget.

IntraWorks’ experts know how to make sure your systems deliver optimum results throughout the entire life cycle of your home. Over decades, our application-based designs have proven to be extremely effective at protecting families and making the control of your home environment easy and convenient.

Our expert designers are trained in vulnerability assessment of security, safety and emergency matters. They can also assess different construction conditions and recommend wired or wireless solutions; saving labor and other costs.

No matter what your needs or living situation… IntraWorks can design a solution for you that is cost-effective, flexible, expandable, and user –friendly.

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