For nearly 30 years, IntraWorks has proudly sold safety, security, and energy systems throughout the Southwest—which prompted the thought: since we've already mastered smart systems, like utilizing climate control and lighting management, why not continue the trend of cutting customer costs with smart energy? The realization: solar systems.

Our guiding principle has always been “Technology for smart buildings”, and we believe solar energy not only supports this, but evolves it into one that’s more beneficial to our customers and better for our world. Solar power has championed sustainable energy, offering a new way to power-up systems, support the environment, and save money. IntraWorks is proud to now offer all of these advantages with solar energy services, storage, and batteries in Albuquerque and El Paso!

Better, Beneficial Energy

Energy from the sun is unlike other energy sources in many ways, but mainly because it’s naturally produced and replenished. This means it’s not only better for the environment, but more beneficial to you—especially your wallet! The main benefits of solar energy when used as your main energy source or to power a system are:

  • Renewable Resource
  • Cleaner Energy
  • Diverse Utilizations
  • Reduced Electric & Utility Bills
  • Low Maintenance Cost

Empowering Homes & Businesses

Whether you want to power your entire property or a large commercial building—IntraWorks is the trusted solar energy provider in New Mexico and Texas. Our team has expertise in both of solar energy’s main applications: heat (solar thermal) and electricity (photovoltaics). Whether by adding solar panels to a roof to reduce year-round electricity usage or install a system with a solar-powered energy source—IntraWorks makes generating heat or electricity through solar energy possible for both homes and businesses! Reach out to us today to discover how we can implement solar energy into your residential or commercial operations.

Safety, Security, & Solar Systems

Since our founding, we’ve dedicated our efforts to protecting your property—now, we’re here to help you power it, too! Go green, save green, and get an estimate today to discover how solar energy can empower you.