Medical Facilities including hospitals, clinics, urgent care, nursing homes, and medical research facilities are complex facilities with large fluctuations in occupancy: patient rooms, treatment rooms, operating rooms, intensive care, emergency rooms, nurse areas, biomed, reception areas, cafeterias, conference rooms, offices, parking lots and structures all have different requirements. Today, medical facilities are under increased scrutiny to save money, protect their employees and patients, and improve function in this fast changing technical environment.

IntraWorks takes a proactive approach to these issues by studying new industry trends in medical facilities and applying electronic building system technology to help save money, reduce risk, and improve function. Additionally, IntraWorks uses a comprehensive approach to the medical facility itself by considering ALL the electronic building systems when planning the next upgrade, move, add or change. Lastly, IntraWorks offers constant commissioning and predictive maintenance in order to save building life cycle costs. (Up to 10x according to the Department of Energy – O&M Best Practices)

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Let us build a modern safety system for your fluctuating medical facility.

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