In today’s society, smart technology is everywhere. From Smart TVs that connect to social applications to smart phones that let you close the garage door, the once singular functioning electronic is now applicable of new capabilities. So with all the advances made with Smart Technology, it’s a no brainer that we incorporate the innovative technology in our security systems.

How exactly does this technology benefit the security of your business or home? Take the example of a typical (non-smart) video surveillance system. The connection will include a video surveillance system, intrusion alarm system and a monitoring station. When an alarm intrusion signal is received by the monitoring station, the video surveillance system begins recording the event in high resolution and sends the video images to the alarm monitoring company for video verification. This causes a major delay in response and puts safety at risk. The non-smart system functions independently, but by linking them together, an operator can associate video with the alarm in real time, verify if the alarm is a real emergency and dispatch the authorities accordingly. With two separate systems, the video would not work with an alarm and would not transmit to the monitoring station at the same time. No quick video verification would be possible leaving you in a very “sticky” situation.

At IntraWorks we integrate smart technology with our security and safety systems, to keep your professional establishment or home protected. Eliminate the uncertainty of timely emergency response time. Check out the smart technology systems we offer:

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