Testing and Inspections utilizing Smart Reports
IntraWorks offers continued testing of each system component according to NFPA, NIOSH, ADA, or Joint Commission standards as necessary . Our testing teams will bar code each device in your safety, security, or energy system. The bar code allows us to track each devices’ pedigree, age, warranty, repairs and historical testing intervals. When our testing teams get started we scan every device with a smart reader and perform a complete test.

If a device has a manufacturers’ recall, you will be notified immediately. If a device fails the test, you will receive an e-mail describing the deficiency and the price to repair. You can check fix, and we will get started with the repair.

Once complete, you will receive a report describing the type and model, its location, pass/fail, the time/date it was tested and the technician who tested it. IntraWorks will send one hard copy of the testing report in NFPA or Joint Commission format as desired. ALL annual reports and interim annual reports are available 24/7 through our on-line portal. Log on at www.intraworksusa.com

This is SmartReports, and it’s only available from IntraWorks.

This service can be purchased separately or as part of our Smart Service Plan (See smart service below).