It is important to keep your security, safety or energy system up-to-date and software is the most critical component needed.

IntraWorks updates your software through a software service agreement (SSA), which provides manufacturer’s technical support and software updates. For many brands of systems, SSA agreements are a requirement and crucial part of system ownership.

Hardware flash updates are another critical component that requires periodic updates. If a field device such as a smoke detector or camera is replaced, it may have a new version of the embedded software. The existing panel that is connected to the smoke detector or camera must also be updated in order for the two of them function properly. It is a better practice to keep the panels and computer software up-to-date on a regular basis. This way if a field device malfunctions and needs to be replaced, it can be done quickly without the need to update the panels and software.

This is especially true with fire, access control, nurse call and energy control systems. These systems require constant updates because they are complex in nature. They also operate critically with life-safety requirements so fixing them quickly is sometimes a matter of protecting people.

This service can be purchased separately or as part of our Smart Service Plan (See smart service below).