Safety Systems for Police, Fire and Government

Reducing theft and protecting the lives of citizens is important to us. IntraWorks is a resource for community action, planning, and education. We are always available to coordinate with police, fire, and government authorities in the following ways: Safety events and tradeshows, crime prevention events and tradeshows, coordinating with police to supply public video and alarm information, coordinating with fire authorities to make buildings safer.

IntraWorks actively engages in initiatives aimed at refining fire and life safety regulations to ensure the utmost protection for the public. As new challenges emerge, such as workplace security, public safety in active situations, and potential threats, we stay at the forefront of adopting advanced technologies that minimize the impact of these challenges. IntraWorks has emerged as a leader in utilizing cutting-edge technology to effectively address these concerns. While the pace of technological advancements outstrips current regulations, we also take it upon ourselves to educate regulatory bodies about these advancements to promote a safer environment for all.

Working Together to Protect the Community

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