Safety Systems for Police, Fire and Government

Reducing theft and protecting the lives of citizens is important to us. IntraWorks is a resource for community action, planning, and education. We are always available to coordinate with police, fire, and government authorities in the following ways: Safety events and tradeshows, crime prevention events and tradeshows, coordinating with police to supply public video and alarm information, coordinating with fire authorities to make buildings safer.

IntraWorks is actively involved in efforts to modify fire and life safety regulations in order to maximize the safety of the public. New threats have emerged including work place violence, active shooters, and bomb threats. New technologies have also become available to help reduce the incidence and damage these threats can cause. IntraWorks has become an industry leader in using this technology to combat these threats in an effective and efficient manner. Regulations have not kept up with this fast moving technology and IntraWorks is doing what it can to educate regulatory bodies regarding this manner.

Working Together to Protect the Community

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