Schools can be complex facilities with large fluctuations in occupancy: reception areas, restaurants & cafeterias, class rooms, offices, areas of assembly, parking lots all have different requirements. Today, schools are under increased scrutiny to save money, protect their students, teachers and staff, and improve function in this fast changing technical environment. IntraWorks takes a proactive approach to these issues by studying new trends in education and training centers and applying electronic building system technology to help save money, reduce risk, and improve function. Additionally, IntraWorks uses a comprehensive approach to the school facility itself by considering ALL the electronic building systems when planning the next upgrade, move, add or change. Lastly, IntraWorks offers constant commissioning and predictive maintenance in order to save building and campus life cycle costs. (Up to 10x according to the Department of Energy – O&M Best Practices)


Schools and daycare centers are held to tight safety standards for the protection of its students, teachers, and staff. IntraWorks can provide systems that avoid injury and save lives in an emergency. By use of advance fire detection and evacuation, critical systems monitoring, mass communication, paging, mass texting, and CCTV systems, emergencies are detected early and occupants are evacuated rapidly. In the case of a shooter, weather event or outside threat, the building itself can become a safe haven for protection. Our integrated lockdown systems and bullet resistant barriers help further protect the occupants in any facility.


Schools utilize a lot of energy and resources to provide a pleasant learning environment for its students. IntraWorks can provide systems that save energy costs and make the buildings more comfortable to work or learn in. By use of advanced climate controls, energy management, lighting control, daylight harvesting systems, sub-metering, and constant commissioning, our education solutions can help to save in overall building and campus energy life cycle costs. Since 30% of the school’s energy is used in the classroom, occupancy sensing systems can further save substantial costs by increased temperature setbacks and lighting control while rooms are empty.


Schools are targets to both insider and outsider threats to include asset, data and computer theft, workplace violence, assaults, active shooter and vandalism. School administrators and teachers are charged with the protection and safety of large groups of people (events) to include the public along with students. By use of advanced and integrated CCTV, access control, perimeter, and intrusion systems, IntraWorks can help to reduce the likelihood of injury to the students and staff and provide valuable investigative information if an incident takes place. Video and Audio analytics can detect crowd violence (fights), workplace violence, bombs, and intruders, so that authorities can be notified quickly saving lives and reputations. Special purpose radios or communicators can also add security and function by keeping staff and teachers informed up to the minute of any emergencies, requests, or special needs. Other communication and security systems integrate to smartphone applications so that mass broadcasts can be implemented to students, teachers, staff, authorities and parents. IntraWorks also sells reception systems or visitor management systems to ID, verify, and record the presence guests or workers at the school. These systems are very effective in reducing workplace violence, kidnapping, and sexual assault incidence. IntraWorks has combined several technologies to include: CCTV, bullet resistant glass, mass notification systems, and special communication devices to help diminish losses from the incidence of an active shooter at the school. This comprehensive safe school solution also includes vulnerability assessment and emergency response plans.


By truly integrating Security, Energy, and Safety Systems together, a school building becomes more intelligent and efficient. Students of the School are more comfortable, informed, and learn more effectively. Integrating systems is a plus sum situation whereby the effectiveness of each system is augmented by becoming connected to other systems. For example: Schools that use the security system to sense occupancy can reduce electric and HVAC costs when room occupants are not present. Fire Systems that use the HVAC system to evacuate smoke can save lives in a burning building. Intercom/Communication systems that utilize CCTV verification are more effective. When all of these systems are connected and the information becomes available to authorized persons with a smart phone, computer, or tablet, the efficiency and effectiveness are unmatched by any individual system. Simply put… Intelligent buildings work better and use less energy.


Many Schools and Daycare Centers have utilized the services of IntraWorks f.k.a. Integrated Controls USA.


Intraworks USA offers many state-of-the-art products that can improve the safety, efficiency and security of Specialty Schools, Training Centers & Daycare Centers:

  • Fire Detection / Evacuation, Intrusion Detection/Deterrence
  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control
  • Communication Management / Paging
  • Critical Systems Monitoring / PLC / Data Center
  • Data Switching / Media Distribution
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Climate / Temperature Controls
  • Energy Management
  • Reception or Visitor Management Systems
  • Special Purpose Communication Devices (Radios) Lockdown Systems
  • Mass Notification
  • Lighting Control
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Parking Management Systems.


Intraworks also offers many services that assist you in making the most of your personalized building security or automation system. Not only can we install and maintain your system, but we can optimize and assess it over time as well. Comprehensive training in using the system is also available.

  • System Assessments
  • Code Compliance studies
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • System Installation
  • Smart Service
  • Extended Warranty
  • Maintenance
  • Testing, Monitoring