We’ve taken smart building technology to the next level. After all, when you purchase and install a safety, security, or energy system for your building or facility, it’s not the hardware that’s important; what is important is the knowledge that the systems are doing their job: protecting occupants from life threatening or dangerous events while saving money and maintaining comfort. These goals are achieved by providing two specific value-added offerings to the smart building portfolio: SmartService and SmartReports.


Next to installation, no service is as vital to a smarter building than maintenance and service. When systems malfunction they can wreak havoc and prove dangerous to any public space and the people inside it. Every building owner and facility manager understands how critical it is to have safety, security and energy systems installed and working properly. That’s why IntraWorks offers SmartService and SmartReports to its valued clients. To make sure your safeguards are operational and functional, 100% of the time.


Testing and Inspections utilizing Smart Reports

Our testing teams will bar code each device in your safety, security, or energy system. The bar code allows us to track each device’s pedigree, age, warranty, repairs and historical testing intervals. When our testing teams get started we scan every device with a smart reader and perform a complete test as required by NFPA, NIOSH, or other governing body. Once complete, you will receive a report describing the type and model, its location, pass/fail, the time/ date it was tested and the technician who tested it. If a device has a manufacturer’s recall, you will be notified immediately.

Because our testing system logs the exact time, date, and location of each bar code/device scan, your reports show more detail and transparency than any other system available. You will be able to see at a glance the integrity of all your building’s systems; in every location. We believe in accountability on every level from equipment, to installation to service.

You will receive one hard copy of the testing report in NFPA or Joint Commission format as desired. ALL annual reports and interim annual reports are available 24/7 through our on-line portal. Log on at www.intraworksusa.com

Testing Available for the following system types:


Software updates, Flash updates, Technical Support

Any computer software update or updates of flash to any system hardware. Depending on the type of system, 24-hour technical support either with an IntraWorks employee or the manufacturer is included.

Preventive maintenance (cleaning, calibrating and sensitivity testing)

Our service teams will clean equipment, calibrate and sensitivity test as necessary to keep your system running at optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

Parts & Labor Warranty

Fastest Service Response with a Guarantee
In an emergency*, if a substantial malfunction compromises your smart systems, the Intraworks response will be immediate. By calling our 24-hour emergency dispatch center, we will answer immediately. A qualified professional will be dispatched and will call you within 15 minutes to resolve your issue. If the issue requires a physical presence, the technician can be on site within one hour plus drive time.

If we are late to our emergency appointment, we will pay you $2.00 for every minute we are late or $500.00 whichever is less, but this rarely happens. Our average response time to emergency calls is 52 minutes.

Emergency Service 24/7

IntraWorks will replace or repair any part or system that malfunctions while it’s under a smart service plan. This protection even includes surge and lighting protection. With our $500,000.00 + service pool of equipment, we have most components in stock, which means we can fix it now. If we don’t have the part, we will expedite the delivery at no charge.

Obsolesce Protection

If you purchased your system from IntraWorks and the system has been on the smart service plan for more than 5 years, IntraWorks will credit up to 20% of the original cost of your system (wire and wire labor not included) toward the purchase of a newer or updated replacement system. This upgrade credit is only available once every 5 years. IntraWorks will not cover equipment or software that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.


When a system is part of our smart service program, we document every new installation, move, add or change and it is kept up to date utilizing our smart report system. This way, when emergencies arise, our technicians are equipped with the latest information and site specific configuration data regarding your systems. This detailed documentation allows our technicians to repair your system faster and maintain its original integrity throughout its full life cycle. With Smart Service, you can check every device’s service history, testing history and recall status with your cell phone, your smart device or your computer, any hour of the day from any place in the world. No if, ands or buts. With our Smart Service Program, we’ll repair or replace any device or system we install and maintain. To keep your building smart and you worry free.


In a recent national survey of more than 3 million critical building safety systems, almost 40% failed on the first inspection**, a shocking amount! .That can only mean one thing. Either the testing and inspection was done improperly, or they weren’t done at all. This kind of neglect can have grave consequences for the occupants of your building, a devastating effect on your reputation, and opens you up to litigation and property loss. With smart reports every device is barcoded. As each device is tested and the barcode is scanned, the location and time are recorded. As the technicians move through the building testing and scanning, a heat map is generated illustrating the time between scans (usually about 5 minutes). A review of the test report will absolutely indicate if the technicians were physically at each device. This sort of verification CANNOT be obtained with old or traditional paper reports. This is why barcode verifiable testing systems such as smart reports are chosen by professional facility managers who really care.


With Intraworks Smart Service your properties will be operating smoothly at peak efficiency and peak savings. And you’ll be operating smoothly because you know every system in your facility is being monitored constantly. Call Intraworks and keep your buildings safe, secure and energy optimized.
That should put you at ease.

* emergency constitutes a system failure that could cause a substantial loss of property or substantial risk to injury or life. Examples might include: open exterior or critical door, cannot set alarm, critical camera down, fire system will not turn off or reset. See agreement for complete details.
** BR Fire Industry report