People who live in residential communities, homes and 2nd homes can utilize smart technology to protect their families and assets, save money in energy costs and make their living situations more convenient and comfortable.

Residential environments typically use the types of systems shown in the diagram below. When these systems work together, there are added benefits that provide more utility than each system could provide on its own.

Create a Safe & Efficient Home

By integrating the security system with the intercom system and the gate/door systems; when a person drives up to the residence gate and pushes the intercom button, the intercom can ring in the home. The home owner can see and talk to the person and deny access or let them in as appropriate. But if the owner is not home, the security system will know this fact and transfer the audio and video feed to the owner’s smart phone. The owner can see and talk to the person and deny access or let them in as appropriate without even being home. The same can happen at any other door to the home.
Smart systems provide higher level programming or “modes” of operation that effect the function of all systems. The home owner can set an away mode; in this mode, the doors remain locked, the lights and fountains remain on a schedule that turns them on and off depending on the time of the day, the thermostats rise or lower the temperature appropriately, the cameras are programmed to record if they sense any motion, and if an intruder is detected, the police are dispatched through the monitoring station and the owner is informed with video through their smart phone.

Another popular mode is “coming home mode”. If desired, this mode can be activated when your smart phone passes a geographical boundary such as 100 feet from your home. The mode could turn on certain lights only if it is night time, raise or lower the temperature as appropriate, turn off the alarm system, open the garage door, turn on music and play a certain song or station, start the hot tub, and de-activate all the cameras.

Modes can be programmed for away, home, wake up, night, party, emergency or any other event. The systems can even play music by zone or control the televisions in each room. Essentially, the smart systems in a home can function to change their mode around your command, time, or events. The possibilities are endless.