Albuquerque Fire Sprinklers

At IntraWorks, our number one priority is helping Albuquerque businesses protect their property, their customers, and their bottom line. A fire can spark in an instant, and grow rapidly to destroy an entire facility. However, with the intelligently designed and expertly installed fire detection and prevention systems from IntraWorks, businesses throughout New Mexico can feel confident that their property has the best line of defense ready to protect them against a fire. From wet pipe systems for an apartment complex to clean agent systems for museums, let our team of experts design, install, and maintain a fire protection system for your business today!

Fire Sprinkler Systems Albuquerque

When deciding which fire sprinkler system to choose, there are typically four types of systems to consider. Which you choose will vary greatly on a variety of factors, including what type of business you operate and what you’re trying to protect, such as flammable inventory or sensitive documents. These systems are:

  • Wet pipe systems, in which water is distributed from a fire sprinkler head.
  • Dry pipe systems, in which pipes that are susceptible to cold weather are pressurized to allow the water to flow freely.
    • Pre-action systems, which are a type of dry pipe system that combines both dry pipe and early detection systems to operate.
  • Deluge or foam systems, in which foam or water deluge is used to extinguish quickly spreading fires or liquid fire.

Fire Suppression Installation & Maintenance

For facilities that are at higher risk when a fire breaks out, such as a chemical plant or refinery, a stronger fire suppression system may be needed. IntraWorks designs, installs, and maintains fast-acting suppression systems for a variety of industries. These are used in tandem with early detection systems and utilize chemical agents, foam, or a deluge of water. In addition, we also offer fire-ready range hoods for restaurants, specialized ventilation systems, and more.

Clean Agent Systems New Mexico

The benefit of a clean agent system is in the name—it provides an electrically non-conductive solution to suppress fires, meaning it’s safe for facilities that contain sensitive equipment and electronics such as data centers. These systems leave behind no residue and are safe for human exposure.

The team of specialists at IntraWorks in Albuquerque are here to help protect your business, employees, and customers. Through experienced fire sprinkler design, installation/integration, and professional inspections and maintenance, we’re proud to offer one thing you can’t put a price on—peace of mind! Keep your business or facility safe and give us a call today!

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