Card access control and asset tracking keep your employees, customers, and assets in the right places at the right times. Our access control systems can integrate with video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems to provide an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution for managing your security needs.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Access Control Systems otherwise known as Card Access Control for a wide variety of clients to include: Financial Institutions, Offices, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools, Auto Dealers, Construction Companies and much more.

Basic Function

Access Control Systems make-up an important part of any security solution by allowing or denying physical access through a door or gate based on time and credential. Most access control systems also provide credential management and print ID cards. Access control software typically communicates to door controllers, which then manage the door hardware, which consists of an electric door lock or gate operator, switch, egress device and reader. The user presents a credential or card to the reader and the access control system either allows or denies access through the door or gate. The software records who access which door at which time.

Asset tracking and article surveillance systems function in a similar way except that they detect articles moving through a portal (loading dock, parking structure, door way, etc.). The software registers the asset as having moved from one area to another. It can alarm if the article or asset should not be moved. Other items such as vehicles can also be tracked in real time through these systems. Lastly article surveillance or asset tracking systems typically utilize radio frequency identification devices (RFID), which are implanted in or attached to the asset. The RFID chip communicates to the sensor at a portal to complete the registration or location of the asset. This type of system is most commonly utilized to protect clothing and other valuable from being stolen in retail stores.

New Trends


Biometrics are sometimes utilized as the credential or in addition to another credential or keypad. Unlike cards, biometrics provide better security since the biometric identifier cannot be stolen. Common biometrics are hand geometry, retina scan, fingerprint reading, and face recognition. Since biometrics are becoming more reliable, some newer systems utilize a biometric only, which makes use of the system easier and faster.

Integrated Access Control and VMS

Many newer systems have a very robust integration between the video management system and the access control system. This allows for complete and easy incident management and fast awareness of what may be going on in the facility. The user can search for an alarm generated by the access system and immediately see all the video associated with the alarmed event.

Cloud Based

Some newer access control systems are managed from the cloud, which saves in administration costs and makes the system easier to use both in terms of user accessibility and in terms of simplicity. These systems can be sold on a subscription basis offering the user less up front costs. These systems are also designed to accommodate multiple locations and multiple control points or management points.

Alarm System Access Control

Many advanced Intrusion Alarm Systems have built in access control to control for up to 99 doors. Usually these system have their own smart phone application making use simple and easy, but many advanced functions are missing.

IT Wiring and Wireless

Some newer systems operate utilizing the existing IT infrastructure (POE) of the building or even wirelessly. Many of the wireless systems can integrate to newer wireless locks made by traditional manufacturers such as Schlage. This can save enormous costs in installation.


Access control systems are able to integrate with multiple other building systems to provide both alarm and visual awareness for the user. Visual and Alarm type systems might include: Surveillance Systems, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Alarm, gates, fence perimeter systems, backup generators and more.


IntraWorks is one of the most experienced Access Control Installation companies in the region. We are proud to represent DMP, Lenel, Facility Commander, Maxxess, Continuum, Vanderbilt and DSX Controls. Each of these brands have advantages and disadvantages based on the application and facility structure.

Testing & Maintenance

Access Control systems should be tested periodically depending on the electronic supervisory capability of the system itself. IntraWorks can test most brands of access control systems. Our access control technicians can perform tests according to client standards and certify the health of any system. Since Access Control is a critical system, IntraWorks can provide fast and reliable priority response when the system is put under a smart service agreement.