ATMs provide cash when needed, but make customers vulnerable to theft. Our advanced ATMs automate deposits and provide added security for cash withdrawals. Our complete line of financial equipment including vaults, safe deposit boxes, drive up equipment, bullet resistant glass, under counter steel, and more provide an integrated solution to banks and credit unions.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services financial equipment for a wide variety of clients to include: Financial Institutions, churches, loan stores, convenience stores, recycling facilities, and other places where cash is handled.

Basic Function

ATMs function to provide cash and receive deposits. ATMs work through several supervised networks to approve and transfer funds appropriately. Vaults, Safe Deposit Boxes and under counter steel function to provide a safe place to handle and store cash. Drive up equipment and pneumatic tube systems provide convenience to customers and employees by transporting paper transactions to cars or across a building. These systems typically have an integrated audio and/or video intercom to assist in the transfer.

New Trends

Financial Institution Transformation

Banks and credit unions are reducing their physical footprint or branch size in order to save money and add additional branches for convenience to their customer base. They are reducing the number or even eliminating the tellers at each branch. They are able to do this because of the invention of new more advanced ATM machines. These new self serve machines allow the customer to do almost any type of transaction necessary; even the complex transactions which used to require a teller.

Vault Automation

New access control systems are being utilized to control access to the vault and safe deposit boxes. These new systems make use of biometric hand geometry systems to identify and authorize the customer for access to a specific safe deposit box.


ATMs integrate with alarm systems and surveillance systems to provide added security at each location.


IntraWorks is very experienced at providing financial equipment in the region. We are proud to represent: Diebold ATMs and the full line of Diebold financial equipment, Diebold service for ATMs. IntraWorks also carries American Vault drive up systems,American Vault drive up systems, safe deposit boxes, vault doors and modular vaults.

Testing & Maintenance

ATMs require extensive maintenance and repair. IntraWorks utilizes Diebold to perform all maintenance and repair of all brands of ATM machines. Vault doors and safe deposit boxes must be cleaned at least one time per year. Pneumatic tube systems need adjustments and repair on a consistent basis. Because these systems are so critical to the operation of the financial institution, IntraWorks offers priority response and loaner equipment to keep these systems up and running 24/7.