Lighting accounts for the second highest energy consumption in commercial buildings. If you are not effectively managing your lighting, you are wasting energy, as well as money. With lighting control systems from IntraWorks, you can save energy by turning lights on or off, as well as controlling motorized shades and skylights based on ambient light conditions, time of day, and occupancy.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Lighting Control and Management Systems for a wide variety of client facilities to include: Government organizations, Higher Education, K1 – K12, Hospitals, auditoriums, stadiums, places of worship, casinos, outdoor areas, parking lots, parking structures, laboratories, transportation and infrastructure facilities and many more.

Basic Function

Lighting control systems turn lights on and off or dim them based on time, occupancy, events, alarms or manual override. The lighting system software and computer control light switches or circuit breakers either by a control wire, wireless, or by multiplexing the signal through the electrical system of the building. Often times, the lighting control system will also control window shades and active skylights as part of a total lighting solution.

New Trends


Some newer systems utilize wifi signals or a wifi network to communicate between the computer and the light switches.

LED integration with natural light

Many stores and offices are utilizing active or passive skylights to harvest natural light during daylight hours. Some newer systems measure the overall light level in each room and constantly adjust the artificial light to maintain the desired lighting level based on effective natural light in each room.


Many building automation systems, intrusion alarm systems, and access control systems will control lights directly or they will integrate with standalone lighting control systems via relay connection or software integration. Most typically, intrusion alarm systems trigger the lights to detour burglars. Another typical integration consists of allowing the building automation system to trigger lights based on occupancy of the building. Emergency lights do not integrate to other systems. They simply turn on when the AC voltage is dropped.


IntraWorks is one of the most experienced lighting control companies in the region. We are proud to represent Lutron, Control 4, Schneider Electric, DMP, Bosch/Radionics, Honeywell, Andover Continuum, Smartstruxure lite, Lenel, and Maxxess. Each of these brands have advantages and disadvantages based on the application and the facility structure. IntraWorks does not represent all the above brands in all areas.

Testing & Maintenance

Lighting systems are typically not tested since a malfunction is immediately apparent. Emergency lights must be tested annually by law.