Quality background sound can make your customers feel comfortable and provide an easy way to page them if necessary. Our systems can be zoned to provide rich quality sound and paging in the proper areas only. Further, IntraWorks offers advanced supervised radio systems that can automate check in processes or other processes for restaurants, auto dealers, clinics, and more.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services paging, supervised radio, background sound systems for a wide variety of clients to include: Financial Institutions, Offices, Apartment Buildings, Restaurants, Retail Stores, Schools, Auto Dealers, Construction Companies and much more.

Basic Function

Paging systems audibly announce messages to occupants of a building utilizing microphones and speakers. Paging systems can be zoned so that only certain areas are paged accordingly. Wireless supervised radios can also function as a microphone to the paging system. Background sound systems are typically part of the paging platform and provide the amplifier and speaker portion of the system. When paging is not being utilized, the system plays music or other background sound.

New Trends

Quality of Sound

Progressive retailers, restaurants, and business owners are recognizing that when customers are comfortable in their buildings, they stay longer and spend more money. Background sound can make a huge difference in setting a mood or effect in a shopping or gathering environment. Newer systems are utilizing 3 to 4 times more speakers and higher quality speakers so that the music can be heard, but it doesn’t exceed the conversation level allowing customers to relax and stay longer.

Supervised wired systems

Paging systems in schools and areas of assembly are now being utilized to evacuate the building or use the building for shelter depending on an emergency event such as a weather event or violent threat. Since these systems are being utilized for life safety, they must have electronic supervision. In other words, if the system malfunctions, it must send an alarm to another system that reports the problem. An example of a malfunction might be a missing speaker or burnt out power supply. This is similar to a fire alarm system. These new supervised paging systems also generate text for signage and mobile phone text messaging.

Supervised Wireless Phones (Purpose Built Android Devices)

These special purpose built phones are much more than a wireless phone. They have functions that will play pre-recorded messages, text, integrate with accounting systems, building automation systems, climate control systems, alarm systems, door systems, and more in order to provide in http://www. ascom.us/us-en/myco-apps.png formation and the ability to communicate quickly and discretely. These phones integrate with background and paging systems and are being utilized widely in restaurants and retail stores to improve the customer


Supervised Communication systems are able to integrate with multiple systems to provide superior awareness to the occupants of a building. When an event occurs, other systems can take over the communication system and make announcements. This can be an automatic or manual announcement based on the situation. Purpose built wireless phones can also be integrated to almost any brand or type of building system.


IntraWorks is very experienced at providing background sound and paging systems. We are proud to represent: Valcom and Valcom Engineered Systems, Bogen paging, ASCOM Myco Wireless Phones, Klipsch speakers, Bose Speakers, and many more.

Testing & Maintenance

Supervised communication systems should be tested periodically depending on the electronic supervisory capability of the system itself. IntraWorks can test most brands of communication systems. Our communication system technicians can perform tests according to client standards and certify the health of any system. Since supervised communication systems are critical, IntraWorks provides fast and reliable priority response when the system is put under a smart service agreement.