IntraWorks offers advanced nurse call, supervised paging communication and radio systems that can automate hospital room turns and nurse check in processes, provide emergency notification, and provide reporting for joint commission reporting.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services nurse call, supervised communication systems, supervised Radio systems for a wide variety of client facilities to include: Hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities.

Basic Function

Supervised wired nurse call systems and wireless supervised radios function to notify hospital nurses and staff that attention is needed in a hospital room. These systems can also be utilized to relay signals and information from beds and monitoring equipment. These systems consist of a room touch screen monitor, which connects to the hospital bed and other equipment. When an alarm is initiated in the hospital room by the patient or equipment, signals are sent to the nursing or other appropriate staff based on the type of alarm. The staff are notified at the nurse station or via supervised radios. The staff can utilize the radio or nurse station to talk to the patient or review data from the patient monitoring equipment to determine the priority of the response and the resources needed to solve the issue. Once the issue is complete, the nurse can deactivate the call. Reports are run at shift changes to provide valuable information to the next shift about patient needs and status.

New Trends


More advanced nurse call and supervised communication systems have a wireless component, which provides digital information as well as verbal communication. This digital information is obtained from patient monitoring equipment.

Supervised Wireless Phones (Purpose Built Android Devices)

These special purpose built phones are much more than a wireless phone. They have functions that will play pre-recorded messages, text, integrate with accounting systems, building automation systems, climate control systems, alarm systems, door systems, and more in order to provide information and the ability to communicate quickly and discretely. These phones integrate with nurse call systems and emergency notification systems to inform patients and occupants of danger or to control situations that can move.


Supervised Communication systems are able to integrate with multiple systems to provide superior awareness to the nurses and hospital staff. When an event occurs, other systems can take over the communication system and make announcements, send digital information, or set up automatic two way calls. Purpose built wireless phones can also be integrated to almost any brand or type of building system.


IntraWorks is very experienced at providing nurse call and supervised communication systems. We are proud to represent: Dukane, GE Telegence, ASCOM nurse call, ASCOM Myco Wireless Phones and much more.

Testing & Maintenance

Nurse Call and Supervised communication systems should be tested monthly or at least quarterly in case supervisory signals were not received or ignored. IntraWorks can test most brands of communication systems. Our communication system technicians can perform tests according to joint commission or client standards and certify the health of any system. Since supervised communication systems are critical, IntraWorks provides fast and reliable priority response when the system is put under a smart service agreement.