IntraWorks’ internal diagnostic and sensing equipment can automatically shut down or change operation of critical systems (freezers, refrigerators, backup generators, switchgear, ups) and contact building managers via email, text, or call.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Critical Systems and provides Critical System monitoring equipment for a wide variety of clients to include: Government organizations, hospitals, higher education, K1- K12, casinos, manufacturing plants, infrastructure facilities, utilities, transportation facilities, areas of assembly, houses of worship, and much more.

Our systems work 24 hours per day to alert you on your mobile devices and through our 24-hour monitoring center. Inventory, assets, and critical operations can be saved, as well as business reputations, by providing instant notification to maintenance personnel and authorities when appropriate.

Basic Function

Critical systems typically consist of: generators, back up batteries, electrical switching gear, IT infrastructure, servers, data switches, freezers, air cooling and heating units, climate control systems, access control systems, supervised communication systems, CCTV systems, fire alarm systems, intrusion systems, gas supply and flow systems, gas leak detection, freeze warning systems, water flow and water detection systems and much more.

Many types of alarm systems, access control systems, and building automation systems will monitor all or most of these critical systems. The critical systems monitoring equipment typically logs and sounds an alarm as appropriate. Further action would consist locking doors, recalling elevators, shutting off valves, turning on generators or any number of actions which are designed to reduce or eliminate further damage caused by the critical system failure. Finally, the system typically notifies authorities, owners, maintenance personnel and managers as appropriate through a monitoring center, email, text, radio, or phone call.

New Trends

Software Integration

Many newer critical system monitoring platforms are connecting to other systems through software rather than through electrical relays. Software integration is much more reliable and can be supervised so that if it stops functioning, an alert will be indicated in the software or elsewhere as appropriate.

IT Systems

IT systems are rapidly becoming a critical system. Companies want to know if a website is down or other software component of their online presence. Other critical systems for IT infrastructure might include IT switch gear, servers, communication links, data backup systems, and more.

Freezers and HVAC Systems

Because temperature is so critical to preserve food, if a freezer or HVAC system fails for a period of time, the food must be disposed. Theft of copper wires and tubes from roof tops is becoming more common. This action will cause the freezers or HVAC system to fail during off hours. Critical Systems Monitoring systems will call the proper persons so that they can act quickly to transfer food or fix the malfunction rapidly.

Supervised Wireless

The cost of monitoring critical systems has been reduced significantly over the past few years due to new supervised wireless systems. Because they are wireless, their placement can be more effective. Many of these systems can be strategically located in places such as the inside of a refrigerator, in the drop ceiling of a building, outside by a generator or next to a fiber communications line.


As mentioned earlier, critical systems are being integrated via software verses hardwire relays. This type of integration saves money and is more reliable. Many generators, computer systems, and utility monitoring systems have their own software or operate in the cloud making the integration simple. Critical system protocols and building automation protocols are allowing these systems to “talk” together simply and reliably. The most typical integration possibilities consist of having the access control or intrusion alarm system monitor: phone lines, electrical power, water supply, leak detection, and freezer temperature.


IntraWorks is one of the most experienced critical systems monitoring companies in the region. We are proud to represent DMP, Bosch/Radionics, Honeywell, Water Cop, Andover Continuum, Smartstruxure lite, Lenel, and Maxxess. Each of these brands have advantages and disadvantages based on the application and the facility structure. IntraWorks does not represent every brand in every location.

Testing & Maintenance

Critical systems should be tested periodically depending on the electronic supervisory ability of the system itself. IntraWorks can test and maintain any brand of Critical System.