Lockdown Systems are a solution function of Access Control Systems and are also known as active shooter systems, child protection systems, or workplace violence systems. They typically lock down exterior doors and alert people of danger.

Gun or Shot Detection Systems are also a solution part of an Intrusion Alarm System or Access Control System and function to detect the sound of a gun being fired and send an alarm to another system.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Lockdown Systems and Gun Detection Systems to: Government organizations,\ Higher Education, K1 – K12, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Casinos, Call Centers, Areas of Assembly, Transportation and Utility Facilities, Correctional Institutions, Manufacturing Plants, and much more.



Basic Function

Lockdown Systems make-up an important part of any intelligent building system by denying physical access through a door, portal, or gate when an active shooter or workplace violence event is detected. They are an integral part of an Access Control System, but have a special sub function to act quickly based on alarm or command to lockdown all the exterior and/or some interior doors with one command. This function typically overrides all other access control functions until administrators reset the system.

Wireless lock warning Wireless locks are NOT appropriate for lockdown systems. This is because a wireless lock only communicates to the head end every 2 to 5 minutes in order to determine if it needs to lockdown. It operates this way in order to save battery life. A lockdown command needs to be received instantaneously in order to protect lives in an emergency. There are some new wireless locks that keep the communication line open all the time for an emergency lockdown command. This new type of wireless lock is appropriate for the application, but still is not as reliable as a hardwired system.

Gun Detection Systems function to listen for the sound of a gun being fired and the sound of a bullet traveling through the air. Some systems even detect the light flash from a gun being fired. These systems work with paging, intercom, mass notification systems and access control systems to warn and protect building occupants.

New Trends Lockdown and gun detection systems themselves are a new trend. These systems being rapidly installed in schools, areas of assembly, churches, auditoriums, call centers, and many other areas where large numbers of people gather or work.


Lockdown systems obviously integrate to access control systems and are an intregral part of the access control platform. Through the access control system, the lockdown system integrates to CCTV systems, mass notification systems, signage systems, and texting systems in order to warn building occupants and authorities of the danger.

Gun Detection systems are stand alone systems that integrate to the access control and CCTV systems. Some of them also offer graphical maps, voice warnings and other features.


IntraWorks is one of the most experienced lockdown and shot detection system, installation, and testing companies in the region. We are proud to represent Shot Detection Systems and Louroe Electronics for gun and shot detection. We also represent several brands of access control for lockdown functions, but the following brands work particularly well for lockdown functions. Lenel, Facility Commander, Maxxess, and Andover Continuum.

Testing & Maintenance

Gun and Shot Detection Systems and Access Control/Lockdown systems should be tested periodically depending on the electronic supervisory ability of the system. IntraWorks can test most brands of shot detection systems and access control systems. Our technicians can perform tests according to client standards and certify the health of any system. Since Shot Detection and Lockdown systems are critical systems, IntraWorks can provide fast and reliable priority response when the system is put under a smart service agreement.