Voice/Data Infrastructure is a critical system that affects the operation of any enterprise at the highest level. Our systems are top quality and are organized in a way that allows for easy expansion and fast repair.

IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Voice / Data Infrastructure for a wide variety of clients to include: Government organizations, hospitals, higher education, K1-K12, utilities, transportation and infrastructure buildings, auditoriums, manufacturing plants, laboratories and much more.

Basic Function

Voice and Data Infrastructure consists of the wire, connectors, back boxes, switches, routers, physical support structure, racks, and conduits necessary to distribute data wire or fiber throughout a facility. Additional infrastructure can also be installed between buildings or campuses utilizing a fiber network. This infrastructure supplies the communication pathways for telephone, computer, surveillance, access control, climate control, video broadcast systems and more. Part of data infrastructure usually includes a wireless network, which is typically utilized for mobile devices within and around the building or campus of buildings. The wireless structure can also consist of wireless high speed and self healing mesh networks.

New Trends


Both wired systems and wireless systems are communicating faster each year.


Wireless infrastructure is becoming more reliable due to redundancies in the design. Redundant systems have self healing capability so if one radio fails, buffered data is sent via another path in order to reach its destination. In addition, the distances for wireless communications are increasing.


These systems do not integrate to other systems other than to provide supervisory signals to alarm systems or computer systems if they fail. Wired and Wireless systems integrate together normally to provide continuous and highly available network connectivity.


IntraWorks is very experienced at providing voice and data infrastructure. We are proud to represent: Corning, Beldon, Panduit, Cisco, and much more.

Testing & Maintenance

Data / Voice Infrastructure is tested for continuity and speed during the initial installation. However, many companies never test again. IntraWorks can provide re-commissioning of the system on an annual basis or when requested.