Fire Alarm Company El Paso

Whether a small local company or a large enterprise, the success of your business is only as secure as the systems in place to protect it.

If a fire was to unexpectedly occur at your business, ask yourself:

  • How prepared is my business?
  • How quickly can my employees and I react?
  • Are my business’s assets protected?

As the leading fire alarm company in El Paso, IntraWorks is proud to provide businesses with comprehensive and innovative fire alarm systems to ensure its employees, resources, and bottom line are safe and secure!

Your Safety is Our Priority

The team at IntraWorks has used their 100 years of combined experience to develop and perfect a premiere line of fire detection and evacuation systems. These systems are uniquely designed to each business and can be made entirely new or integrated into current systems. Our fire alarms are designed to do more than just alert you, they’re made to protect you! Each of our systems include the following features and protocols to ensure a fire has limited impact on your business:

Alert and Assist

As soon as a fire is detected, our systems will immediately sound and alert local authorities—this limits downtime, ensures minimal damage to your property, and provides immediate help to anyone who may need it. Additionally, our systems help guests and staff exit in a safe and orderly manner—an intercom will voice-out directions and smoke will be contained to limit inhalation.

Upgrade and Maintain

From routine service visits to unexpected errors, you can be ensured that your systems are up-to-date and working properly with maintenance 365 days a year, 24 hours a day! By collaborating with city officials and fire marshalls, our technicians make certain that your systems are up to code with current standards.

Protection for Your Business

Whether for business or residential purposes, our fire alarms are available for the following government, enterprise, commercial, and hospitality industries:

    • Financial Institutions
    • Restaurants
    • Entertainment Venues
    • Airports and Transportation Services
    • Government Facilities
    • Hotels
    • Hospitals and other Medical Facilities
    • Homes and Apartment Complexes

IntraWorks: Trusted El Paso Fire Alarm Company

To protect your business’s invaluable assets, clients, and employees, trust the leading El Paso fire alarm company in to keep you safe—IntraWorks! We specialize in providing your business with a comprehensive fire alarm system and maintenance to ensure it’s safe, secure, and protected!


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