IntraWorks wins education service award in Texas

IntraWorks wins Education Service Center (ESC) Region 19 award. ESC-Region 19 is one of twenty regional service centers located throughout the state that function as a link between the districts and charter schools they serve and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in Austin, the administrative unit of the Texas public education system. IntraWorks won the award under the contract section of Consulting, Contracting, Staff Development & Related (Supplemental) and can now provide its products and services to Texas State agencies and school districts. Additionally, Region 19 has or has the ability to have an allied states cooperative agreement with the states of New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Nebraska, Wyoming, Arizona, Kansas and many more. As a result, IntraWorks will be able to sell the same products to other state agencies who write a resolution adopting region 19 into their purchasing scope.