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As the entertainment capital of the world and the city that is commonly known as the “City that never sleeps” – Las Vegas, Nevada is no stranger to a constant influx of visitors! With nightly entertainment, exquisite eateries, and fun to be had at the casinos, it’s important as a Las Vegas business owner to ensure the safety of your guests, clientele, and your property. It’s time you take control of monitoring the constant, heavy foot traffic your business sees with the help of Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) systems. If you’re ready to protect your guests while also securing your business, turn to your Las Vegas video surveillance company—IntraWorks!

Security Monitoring You Can Count On

As video surveillance technology continues to progress, you can feel confident that the level of security and peace of mind a CCTV system can provide your business! With the latest technology in video monitoring systems (VMS), you can analyze the images or video that has been captured to detect faces, motion, and more!

Here are just some of the ways video surveillance can benefit your company:

    • Shooter detection/shooter suppression
    • Face recognition
    • Detection of missing items ie., paintings, products, etc.
    • Analyzing crowd disturbance
    • Counting foot traffic through doorways
    • Recognize personnel in restricted areas
    • Monitor congestion
    • And so much more!

With the help of IntraWorks, your Las Vegas business can have security monitoring you can count on 24/7! It’s our mission to not only provide our customers with the best products in the industry but also offer support that you can trust! We’ll not only install your VMS but also provide your company with testing and maintenance services to ensure your system is always reliable!

Protecting Your Bottom Line

By installing a CCTV system to protect your business, you’ll not only be protecting against both litigation issues due to injuries and deterring theft, but you’ll also be saving your business countless dollars! When you want to secure your business while also protecting your bottom line, video surveillance systems are the perfect solution! With the latest technology in the CCTV industry, you’ll be able to monitor and play pack a recording by just using a mobile device or tablet, making viewing and responding to incidents easier, faster, and more efficient!

No matter what industry your Las Vegas business is in, you can trust in IntraWorks to be your professional Las Vegas video surveillance company! Get in touch with us today at (702) 462-6605 to get started!

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