Properly controlling your thermostats for heaters, air conditioners, and freezers can save money and the environment. IntraWorks designs, installs, and services Climate Control Systems for custom homes, second homes, remote homes, residential structures and communities.

Basic Function

Climate Control Systems utilize thermostats in a home or residential environment to control heating and air conditioning systems (HVAC). Further temperature adjustments are also based on individual preference and the time of day. These systems can have advanced modeling features to setback temperatures based on outdoor/indoor temperatures and occupancy.

New Trends

Wireless with mobile integration

New smaller climate control systems are wireless and are able to control temperature and lighting in all rooms more effectively. These inexpensive package systems work well with mobile technology and alarm systems to give the user a comprehensive solution to security, safety, and energy needs. These smaller systems offer the same sophistication that larger systems do at a fraction of the cost. Now a home owner can capture the same type of energy savings as a hotel or office building.


IntraWorks is very experienced at providing HVAC / climate controls and Monitoring equipment in the region. There are hundreds of these systems that are stand alone in structure. IntraWorks typically designs and installs brands that integrate across multiple platforms and systems that provide a more comprehensive home automation solution. Examples of these brands include: StruxureWare lite and combination Intrusion Systems such as DMP and Honeywell.

Testing & Maintenance

IntraWorks can provide fast and reliable priority response when the system is put under a service agreement.